ControlEdge PCD - HPCD3.M6893

IEC Controller

Cyber Secure, IEC 61131-3



The powerfull HPCD3.M6893 is a cyber secure PLC and programmable in accordance with IEC 61131-3.

The high-level language for structured text (ST) according to IEC 61131-3, has a strong syntax and supports object-oriented methods. The most recent cyber

security level (ANSI ISA 62443 – SL3/SL4) enables the use in mission critical and IoT / Cloud applications. This modular PLC provides integrated USB, Ethernet, RS-485 and is compatible to the modular and robust I/O System from the HPS PCD3 family.


Maximum peripheral connections

   Ethernet and USB-port onboard

   One serial interface RS-485 onboard

   One serial interface RS-485 pluggable on Slot A

   Up to 1023 central inputs/outputs with expansion module holder HPCD3.Cx00 (up to 64

modules with max. 16 contact points each). The first module holder must always be a HPCD3.C200

   Additional remote inputs/outputs via Modbus IP with HPCD3 controller and I/O modules


HPCD3 I/O modules in cassette form

More than 40 I/O modules available with different functionalities, see order


   Status of digital signals indicated via LEDs

   Configurable process image via System Configuration software

Efficient programming tools

Learn more at

   IEC programming software ControlEdge PCD Builder from HPS with integrated System- and Account Management Configuration and comprehensive application components make programming convenient and efficient

   A coordinating combination of operating system and programming tool achieves maximum speed, reliability and functionality