LILIN has a complete camera cable that can be used in many different ways with different highlights. We have high quality cameras for Applications in various industries To combine features including ultra high resolution, HDR and ultra high frame rates, you get clear picture quality even in low light conditions. Our intelligent video surveillance also includes additional video analysis features such as advanced motion detection in custom areas, face detection, object counting, alarm detection and many more.


  LILIN provides a powerful standalone NVR for various recording operations. With LILIN's LRR, you have a hassle-free solution that is easy to install. Our NVR supports large storage space with H. decoder. 264 with high quality built-in, which can deliver 4K / 5MP / 3MP / 1080p / 720p / D1 / VGA / CIF IP IP cameras with various control methods. You feel convenient and convenient to navigate the system which will help you. Can handle And solve possible problems in a timely and effective manner


 Due to the rapid development of technology, software has evolved to be more capable. As an efficient server, LILIN Navigator 2.0 has many advanced functions, allowing our customers to apply at the beginning level with more complex projects. In addition, our software allows you to track numbers on receipts (ePOS), identify license plates (ANPR) and human face recognition (Face Recognition). Navigator software is a simple and easy to use solution that will Meet all your needs